The Grass Roots - A World Wide Sensation!

I was an “Oldies D.J.” in a popular night club in Youngstown, Ohio for over 16 years and The Grass Roots were one of the most requested groups. One of the most popular dance tunes I played by The Grass Roots was never released as a single, it was from the “Leavin’ It All Behind” album - it’s title was “I’m Livin’ For You Girl”. “Love Is What You Make It” and of course “Midnight Confessions” were tied at number two. In my opinion, these guys never got the full credit for their contribution to rock and roll.

I had the pleasure of talking to their, then, manager back in the late sixties several times, Jerry Heller of Chartwell Artists, Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Youngstown’s Boardman High School was going to book them on May 15, 1970,  but the deal fell through. I still have that original contract signed by Warren Entner and Jerry Heller. Youngstown State University picked up the concert. The encore was “Midnight Confessions” and Rick threw his drum sticks into the audience after the song.

Chuck Johnson

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