My name is Scott Hoyt. I was a member of the Grass Roots from 1978 through late 1979. Rob Grill hired me (after hearing me audition) to take his place and he managed and booked the band during that time. The band included myself (lead vocals/guitar), Joel Larson (drums), Gene Wall (keyboards/vocals) and David Nudge (bass/vocals). Nudge and Larson left and were replaced by Brian Carlyss (bass/vocals) and Reagan McKinley (drums). This lineup toured extensively and is best known for sounding just like the recordings. As a matter of fact, when MCA Records bought out Dunhill, they got the entire stock of Grass Roots albums. Rob got a call from MCA wanting to know, "What's going on? Your 16 Greatest Hits album has started selling again! We've run out of the Dunhill copies and are pressing more under the MCA label". Our shows were directly attributable to that. Rob recognized that as well, and presented each of us with a Platinum album award. During that stint we also appeared on an HBO television special, "60's Rock Scrapbook" in 1979 (I believe). Rob and Dennis Provisor showed up and performed with us on the show. Our contribution has been completely overlooked, which is no big deal to me. But, after seeing this Grass Roots site, I felt compelled to write. 

I left the band when Rob put me in touch with Warren Entner and Steve Barri, who signed me to a production deal in 1979. It was originally going to be a new Grass Roots album with Steve Barri producing it, like the "old days". But, Rob and Warren couldn't come to an agreement. Barri was like..."I've got all these songs. Who can we get to sing them?” That's when Rob told Warren about me.  I recorded the album, produced by Entner & Barri at the old ABC Studios, tentatively entitled, "Scott Hoyt" for Casablanca Records. Within days of completing the album, Casablanca Records was sold to Polygram Corporation. Polygram bought up several labels with one swoop....Casablanca (KISS, Donna Summer, me!), RSO (The Bee Gees), Mercury, Polydor, etc... All of a sudden, Polygram had about 200 artists. They immediately started cutting artists right and left. Established artists got dropped. New acts to the label???....forget it. The label didn't have the money to support tons of acts, much less put money into breaking new my album was shelved.

I moved back to Texas and later appeared on Ed McMahon's Star Search as a member of the Austin, Texas-based rock group, "14K" and later had a successful country music career in Texas, with music videos and TV appearances on the, now-defunct, Nashville Network. I am now driving tour buses for various recording artists that run the gamut from Loretta Lynn to Daughtry. I am also working with my daughter, Erica, who is pursuing a music career and a recording artist/songwriter. Check her out at I currently reside in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

I haven't seen or talked with Rob in over 15 years. I did attend a show in Milwaukee this past summer hoping to see him and do some catching up, but Rob was not there. It seems he's having some serious health problems. I've tried to contact him, but have not had any luck. I would love to see and talk to him. I am still in contact with Warren Entner and Joel Larson and try to see them whenever I'm in Los Angeles.

For history's sake, I thought I'd finally put my two cents worth in. We were, at the very least, a footnote in the Grass Roots history. I have fond memories of my years touring and performing with the band and pray for Rob's recovery. Thanks for reading.

Scott Hoyt

At Rob’s house notice the gold records on his wall

Scott plays the acoustic for Rob Grill

Brian Carlyss, Reagan McKinley, Scott Hoyt & Gene Wall

Reagan McKinley, Gene Wall, Scott Hoyt & Brian Carlyss

Reagan McKinley and Scott Hoyt

Joel Larson, Scott Hoyt, Gene Wall & David Nudge 1978

Scott Hoyt, Joel Larson, David Nudge & Gene Wall

Reagan McKinley, Rob Grill & Scott Hoyt

Reagan McKinley, Scott Hoyt, Brian Carlyss & Gene Wall

Gene Wall, Reagan McKinley, Scott Hoyt, & Brian Carlyss

 Scott Hoyt & Brian Carlyss

Joel Larson, David Nudge & Scott Hoyt

Joel Larson, Scott Hoyt & Gene Wall

Reagan McKinley, Brian Carlyss, Gene Wall & Scott Hoyt

 Gene Wall, David Nudge, Joel Larson & Scott Hoyt circa 1978 promotional photo

A Grass Roots sighting March 2007 - Scott Hoyt & Warren Entner getting together in Hollywood, CA

From Scott Hoyt 1-25-12:

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Scott photographed just leaving the stage after a show in 1979