The Grass Roots At Wildwood Convention Center, April 24, 2010

I traveled to Wildwood, NJ for my first show by The Grass Roots in the 2010 season. My personal business took me up there and I decided to see the show as well. Leaving Florida, I rode through coastal Maryland and Delaware where I took the Lewes-Cape May Ferry into Cape May, NJ and drove the rest of the way into Wildwood on Friday afternoon. The Wildwood Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the event the last 5 to 6 years. The event includes a variety of activities including the big concert in the Convention Center on Saturday. This year’s bands were The Grass Roots starring Rob Grill, Gary Puckett and Paul Revere and The Raiders.

One of the local bands that performed in the park during the afternoon's concert was The Large Flowerheads and they were just terrific. The Rocktologists, who are a group of several doctors from the local Cape May County NJ, were the opening band for the evening's show.

The Grass Roots where up first, with a seated Rob Grill singing and playing his heart out. He was joined on stage by lead guitarist Dusty Hanvey, keyboardist Larry Nelson and drummer Joe Dougherty. There were some familiar jokes but the show was primarily about the music, because of the time element. All the familiar songs where played including Wait A Million Years, Sooner Or Later, Two Divided By Love, Where Were You When I Needed You, Things I Should Have Said, Heaven Knows, Love Grows, Don’t Pull Your Love Out On Me, Temptation Eyes and of course Midnight Confessions.

As they left the stage the audience gave them a standing ovation. Another terrific show by The Grass Roots and I look forward to my next show in Miami at The Love-In at Greynolds Park and then I will see a performance of The Happy Together Tour in July in Daytona. Until then I'll be seeing you all real soon.



The Grass Roots Rockin’ California

Raddison Hotel Sacramento 8/22/09

Outside under the California late summer's evening sky, The Grass Roots starring Rob Grill played at the Raddison Hotel Sacramento. The organizers of the show and the hotel were not on the same page as far as what the setup was to be and things were very confusing for everyone. Nevertheless The Grass Roots part of the show was nothing but stellar as usual.

Rob and band had the audience thoroughly entertained with music and laughter. Even the staff of the hotel told me how much they enjoyed The Grass Roots show. Of course they played everything from Where Were You When I Needed You to their "latest" hit Mamacita. Some of the favorites of the evening were Wait A Million Years, Sooner Or Later, Temptation Eyes and Midnight Confessions. Rob had the crowd rolling with laughter with him joking about his various ailments and situations. Lead guitarist Dusty Hanvey and drummer Joe Dougherty gave their usual standout performances with Howard Laravea filling in for Larry Nelson on keyboards this night. For their performance the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Once again another great road trip spent with great friends and a great adventure it was. As always I look forward to the next show with my favorite band. Thanks again guys for another great show. Rob you continue to inspire me with your professionalism and guts. Be well all until the next time.


Beaumont Cherry Festival - Beaumont, CA June 7, 2009

The weather was unseasonably mild with temperatures between mid 70's-80's this past weekend as I traveled to Beaumont, California for my second show by The Grass Roots of 2009. The Cherry Festival is an annual event in Beaumont with this year marking its 92nd year. The usual festival fare was offered and that included music and a variety of bands with different musical styles would be there throughout the summer.

The Grass Roots were allotted the time schedule between 3-5pm with a local Beaumont band opening the day's music events on this Sunday at 12 noon. The three man and one woman band entertained the crowd with a variety of songs and they were enjoyable.

There was a large audience gathered when Rob and The Grass Roots took the stage shortly after 3 PM and opened their set with Wait A Million Years. This song was followed by Don't Pull Your Love Out On Me, Heaven Knows, Sooner Or Later, Let's Live For Today, Lovin' Things, Drift Away, Two Divided By Love, Mamacita, Things I Should Have Said, Love Grows, Temptation Eyes and of course Midnight Confessions. The show was filled with the usual onstage jokes and banter with the highlight being the introduction of Beaumont, CA native and lead guitarist, Dusty Hanvey. Of course keyboardist Larry Nelson and drummer Joe Dougherty shared the stage with Rob Grill, lead singer and bass player.

Rob had mentioned during the show that Dusty, Larry and Joe have been with him for 25 years. So on behalf of Keith, myself and everyone at we congratulate you all on 25 years of terrific music. There have been a lot of twists and turns along the way, but you guys always come out on top. And of course my one and only #1.

After the show, which of course always ends much too quickly, Rob signed autographs for the fans and had the new Live Gold CD available as well. Thanks to Rob, Dusty, Larry and Joe for another great show. As always I will be seeing you all again real soon.


The Grass Roots
The Ostrich Festival, Chandler, Arizona March 15, 2009

I finally made it to my first show by The Grass Roots in the 2009 season. As always, it was well worth the wait and it always leaves me wanting more! Along with me was my good friend from California as we traveled from Burbank, CA to Chandler, AZ on Friday afternoon. While driving we listened to some Grass Roots CDs, Live Gold and Leaving It All Behind. A perfect road trip! My friend has always lived in California and she has the good fortune of seeing the band perform almost from the beginning. Rob pointed out this fact at the show later that afternoon. He joked with her that she has been on the road to see them for the entire 43 years of the band's existence.

The weather on Sunday was perfect for an outdoor festival. We arrived shortly after 12 noon and as we approached the main stage we heard the familiar sound of Heaven Knows...the sound check was in progress. Drummer Joe Dougherty and keyboardist Larry Nelson were on stage, Dusty Hanvey the band's lead guitarist was by the sound board. They were all making sure that the sound was perfect for the show. As we were waiting for the main event to begin, we were treated to a Beatles tribute band, The AZ Beats. The announcer came up on stage telling the crowd what activities they could participate in. It included everything from watching the ostrich races to pig races to demolition derbies and the usual fair rides. One lady even invited us to try a ostrich burger, to which we declined...Yikes!

There was quite a large crowd when The Grass Roots took the stage at 4pm. The band was introduced by the announcer as “The Grass Ruts” I guess it was due to the part of the country he was from! The sounds of "Wait A Million Years" filled the air as Rob stepped up to the microphone and all things were right in the world again. He looked fabulous and his love of being onstage shined as bright as the sun. The band played all their classic songs, Let's Live For Today, Temptation Eyes, Sooner Or Later, Where Were You When I Needed You, Mamacita and Glory Bound. They also played some tunes from their heyday that they turned down like Don't Pull You Love Out On Me and Love Grows. In between the songs the crowd was amused by Rob's jokes and all had a great time in the valley of the sun. All too quickly we were hearing Rob say to the crowd, "you didn't think we would leave without playing Midnight Confessions, did you?” After the show Rob signed autographs and he had the new Live Gold CD available for the fans.

It was another perfect Grass Roots adventure; spend with great friends - just the music therapy I needed. People ask me how many times I have seen the band perform and I can honestly say that I have lost count. The shows just get sweeter and better with each one I attend. Thanks to Rob, Dusty, Larry and Joe for another terrific show. I'll be seeing you all again real soon!


The Grass Roots

Gulf Coast Rhythm & Ribfest
Manatee County Fairgrounds
Palmetto, Florida

March 14, 2009

A perfect Saturday afternoon at the Manatee County Fairgrounds in Palmetto, Florida just south of Tampa/St. Pete, for the Gulf Coast Rhythm & RibFest. Beautiful Florida sunshine, temps in the low 80s, a cool breeze off the Gulf of Mexico, and a Grass Roots concert!

Saturday’s live entertainment started at 12 noon with two local bands on the bill before The Grass Roots. The stage area was open, but covered, with plenty of room for tables and chairs. The area in front of the stage was designated as a “dance floor”, but people were setting up chairs there to be front row for The Grass Roots. (Grass Roots fans know that we will dance anywhere, no designated area necessary.)

The show got off to a bit of a late start, but the crowd was treated with a teaser bit of “Lovin’ Things” for the sound check. It did not take much to get us revved up to give the guys another rousing Florida welcome. Rob was touched that he got a standing ovation when he came on stage.

Rob looked amazing as always. He was sporting a new guitar strap that was made from Seminole Indian Beads. His bass was a blue Yamaha and we were wondering if it was also new. He was very relaxed, singing and playing effortlessly and wowing the audience with every song.

Rob’s introduction of the band is always fun. Dusty said that they already met at “baggage claim”, Larry was from Plant City, FL, which morphed into Clam City, and Joe is always from “Who Knows Where?”.

The song list consisted of all their hits, including “Where Were You When I Needed You”, “Let’s Live for Today”, “Things I Should Have Said” and, of course, “Midnight Confessions”.

The show lasted about 75 minutes and Rob was signing CDs after. The guys were on their way to Arizona for the show on Sunday, so their time at the table was quick.

There were quite a few familiar Florida faces there and we were all wondering the same thing - when will the next Florida show be?

Thank you Rob, Dusty, Joe, and Larry.

Donna & Dayton Simpson
Fort Myers, FL

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