Terry Oubre

What was the name of The Grass Roots lead guitarist on July 4, 1982 who performed in front of a half million people in Washington D.C. setting a new concert attendance record? The answer is Terry Oubre. Along with Rob Grill, Ralph Gilmore and Charles Judge - The Grass Roots were the headlining group in this history making performance. Terry took the time to search through his Grass Roots artifacts so that we could present them here. Many thanks to Terry for making these available on The-GrassRoots.com!

Terry related that this promotional still was taken when The Grass Roots appeared on American Bandstand with their first single from the Powers Of The Night LP titled “Here Comes That Feeling Again” and a remix of “Temptation Eyes” that was on the flip side of their first single.

This was the official promotional still for The Grass Roots circa 1982

Terry related that this backstage photo was taken after the group played at The Thirsty Whale in Rivergrove, IL. He stated “We played this venue again and again, more than any other place in ‘82-’83. The photographer was Michael Bush. He was a huge pop music aficionado. He was based in Chicago and had the biggest record collection I had seen up to that point in time. His basement was like a record store. Nice guy too.”

Terry related that these autographs were on the back of an old Grass Roots photo from 1967 that a fan brought to a ‘82 show to have the group members sign. He stated “Evidently the signed photo did not make it back to the fan for some reason”

This is the vintage Roots photo that was group signed on the back. Classic Rob and Warren caught live!

Terry stated “After the Powers Of The Night LP came out, we played a mix of old and new tunes.
I found a set list from the summer of '82.”

Wait A Million Years
Heaven Knows
Things I Should Have Said
Temptation Eyes
I’m Not Gonna Cry Anymore
Try Me
Where Were You When I Needed You
Powers Of The Night
She Don't Know Me
Let’s Live For Today
Lovin' Things
Bella Linda
Feels Like The First Time
You've Got To Be The One
Keeps On Burning
Two Divided By Love
Sooner Or Later
Midnight Confessions (encore)
Here Comes That Feeling Again
“A lot of times, we would play "Rock Sugar" (off Rob's solo LP) for an encore.”

Terry related “I always respected Rob’s singing, and was a fan of the "Roots" before I hooked up with him. As a matter of fact, I used to sing "Temptation Eyes" in a cover band when I lived in Nashville, in the late 70's. We performed that and "Midnight Confessions" at the Opryland theme park. Before I moved to L.A. in '81, a good friend of mine, who still lives in Laguna Beach, said that I ought to join the Grass Roots when I came out to L.A. He had seen the version with Scott Hoyt (I guess) and thought it would be a good gig for me. Not long after I relocated to North Hollywood, Scott Hoyt, who was childhood friends with Ralph, hooked us up with Rob. Actually Ralph, Scott and me had a band in the late '70's after we all dropped out of college in '75. The whole story is pretty convoluted (I'm finding out as I write this), but this should give you some idea how it all came about.”

These promotional shots are from Terry’s solo CD titled Future Blues released in 1996 featuring Ralph Gilmore on drums.




Terry updated us on his film work. He appeared in the documentary “Fuzz” and produced, mixed, mastered and played drums on the song titled “Noir”, an instrumental track written by Ben Isaac that plays at the end credits of the movie Hellboy II. Click on the pictures below for more information on these films.